“I don’t hunt, and I don’t care about land, why should i buy/invest in it?” Living in Birmingham, AL. I hear this a lot.  Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in the south loves to hunt, fish, and get outdoors. And that is ok!  I typically respond by saying “Do you like to make money?”  This changes the whole dynamic of the conversation.  The answer is YES….you can MAKE MONEY investing in land.  Most people have a friend or relative that has “invested” in real estate at some point in time.  When people hear the term “investing in real estate” they think of houses because there is a likely hood you own one, therefore, you probably know a thing or two about it.  Maybe you have watched a TV show where they buy a house super cheap, go in and “flip it” and sell it for a nice profit.  Sounds great…..yes it happens, but its also a LOT of work.  Odds are you have a full time job and you don’t have time to deal with the mess that goes in to all the details involved.  This is where LAND comes in to play.  You do not need a lot of knowledge or experience with LAND to be a successful investor….Thats where we help!  Lets talk LAND and why it is a good investment:

You do not have to hunt or be an outdoorsman to invest in land.  Last time i checked, people were not passionate about their 401k, IRA, Mutual Funds, the Stock Market, etc.  As long as you are seeing a return on the investment, thats really all that matters, right?  Similar to investing in anything else is “risk vs reward.”  You can be very aggressive with your investment, or you can be conservative.  It’s up to you as the investor/buyer to decide.  What separates a LAND Investment from any other type is the fact that it is TANGIBLE and in some cases more predictable.  Yes, you can actually enjoy and use your investment if you want.  You seldom ever hear people say “I made some money in the stock market……lets get some friends and go hang out on Wall Street!” Never happens.  However, whether it is a long term or short term investment, LAND is tangible, you can use it, you can enjoy it.

The best way to figure out which type of investment works best for you is to contact us to talk about your short and long term goals.  But here are couple examples of how previous investors have made a solid return on their investment.

Take a tract of land that has enough road frontage to subdivide into “Residential Mini Farms” consisting anywhere from 5-40 acres depending on the tract of land.  Pictured below is an example of a tract of land that was busted up in to multiple mini farms.  This allows you as the buyer to purchase a lump some of land for a given price, then subdivide it up and sell it for a higher price per acre. This is considered a more short term, aggressive investment. Given the area and property, this strategy has proven to have solid rates of return if purchased at the right price.


Another popular investment strategy is in “Production Timberland.”  This is geared towards the more conservative, long term investor, that desires a more predictable return over a longer period.  This investment strategy has also proven to be extremely successful in the past, and is predicted to be so for the future.  There are numerous ways to see a return on production timberland through either timber management and harvesting, or in leasing.  This strategy also provides a “double hedge” against inflation in the future.

These are just a few ways to invest in LAND.  Other avenues of diversifying your portfolio are through Hybrid Land, Recreational Land, Production Farmland, and Conservation Easements.  There is a right investment strategy for everyone!  Remember, you do not have to be a millionaire, familiar, educated, or passionate about land to invest.  Whether you are saving for retirement, or looking to diversify and have a more consistent flow of secondary income, there is a right Land Investment strategy for everyone.

Written by: John Morris is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) with Southeastern Land Group and is licensed in Alabama and Georgia.

Deciding to purchase Land is a big decision, and can also be very rewarding. Like any big decision, it starts with a PLAN. Having a plan about your purchase will make your buying experience much more enjoyable and stress free. I always tell a prospective buyer to consider 4 key factors to a successful land search.

1.) HAVE A BUDGET…..You can’t fully commit to a property that you are not certain you can afford. Too often, people fall in love with a property and make an offer, only to find out they cant afford it. It leads to frustration, lower expectations, and negativity. Knowing your budget from the beginning is crucial to a great buying experience. For most people, depending on the acreage size, you will more than likely finance the property. There are several great lenders such as First South Farm Credit , Alabama Ag Credit, and Alabama Farm Credit that specialize in financing rural land and larger scale properties. In most cases traditional lenders will not provide a loan for larger properties, however, it varies for each clients financial status. For higher net worth individuals or cash buyers, you have the luxury to make a decision how much you can spend.

2.) LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION…..It is important to make a decision of where you are looking to purchase. This does not necessarily mean that you cant have an open mind, it simply means to have a general idea. I have had prospective buyers call me and say “John, i want to purchase 150 ares no more than 4 hours from Birmingham.” That is a wide range that pretty much covers the whole state of Alabama. I always recommend, to narrow it down to your top 2-3 favorite counties or areas you want to be in.

3.) THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX…..Most people know what they want to buy because they have been to a friend/family members place and want something similar. Maybe you saw property on the internet and you want it to look just like that, maybe you simply picture it in your head, and thats what you desire. Thats all great, and I don’t disagree with those goals. However, it is imperative to keep in mind that some of the best property out there, is property that can be improved. Here is a good example:  You have probably been to a property where you pull in through a locked gate, drive past some food plots and mature pine plantation, and arrive up to a beautiful cabin with acres of open pasture around it……. But we forget, that it was nothing but woods at some point and there was nothing there….but the owner had a vision for what he could do. It is the same concept with land. If you are looking for a property that has multiple 3-5 acre fields on it, or a place that you can put 100 head of cattle, or the perfect property but there is no pond on it. These are all elements that should never be deal breakers. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a land owner is making the improvements. It is self satisfying and very rewarding. You can enjoy your property knowing you did it the way “you wanted.”

4.) CONSULT WITH A PROFESSIONAL…..There are several types of Real Estate agents.  Some sell residential housing, some sell commercial properties, and others sell Land.  Think of it this way…..if you get a cavity or have a tooth ache, are you going to call your dentist, or your cardiologist?  You will call the Dentist. Both are doctors, but they specialize in two completely different areas.  Real Estate is no different.  When you buy or sell Land, I would advise you to consult with an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) that can bring value to you.

Focusing on these 4 points will make your experience much more enjoyable. Knowing your budget, desired  location, thinking outside the box, and using a trusted professional that understands the land market are guaranteed to make you more prepared and educated when it is time to buy. Most importantly, have a plan. If you fail to plan, plan to fail.

Written by: John Morris is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC)  with Southeastern Land Group  and is licensed in Alabama and Georgia.

“I want to sell my property, what do i need to do?” This is a common question this time of year. Its getting hot, summer is practically here, but i need to sell my property…

Preparation and planning is key to anything. Whether its a sporting event, going on vacation, or planning for your retirement….it is no different with selling land. In order to have a successful listing and selling experience, you have to have a plan from the start. If you fail to plan, you better plan to fail.

Any time someone calls me and says “Ive got some land I want to sell, what do i need to do?” I always respond, “well, you have already completed the first step.” First thing on the list is to call a experienced Land Agent. At Southeastern Land Group we specialize in selling farmland, timberland, recreational properties, investment property, and agricultural land. We have agents living in Alabama, Georgia and Florida that are ready to create results for you. We are licensed to sell in AL, GA, FL, MS, and TN. Every property is unique in its own way, therefore, not every property needs the same preparation before it hits the market.

Historically, late Spring and early summer can sometimes drag a little longer in the time frame it takes to sell property. Does that mean its a bad time to list during the summer? ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, its one of the best times to list your property because we have all of the Outdoor Expos, and Outdoor Shows during the summer and its a great opportunity to get you property in front of thousands of eyes that i will not get any other time of year. However, with the knowledge and expertise we bring to the table, we can help you make your property attractive year round. I actually like summer time listings because it gives me a chance to do some things that nobody else does. We can make recommendation that will take your property from being simply “another listing”, to something that is highly sought out, and stands out compared to other properties. We can help you make the right decisions as far as what improvements needs to made, what work (if any) needs to be done, and how to best market your particular property. Sometimes property is turn key and ready to hit the market and if so, thats great. Most improvements are small, low in cost, and can be done rather quickly. However, these small improvements can make a BIG DIFFERENCE when they are side by side with other like kind properties.

Some land owners may ask “How, do you know this will help. And how do you know this is going to draw more attention to my property?” We work with buyers day in, and day out. We listen to what exactly they look for in a property. With the ability to know what a buyer is looking for, and what a seller has to offer is what makes a sales traction process run smooth.

If its time to put your property up for sale, we have a proven track record to help get the job done. Don’t call just any real estate company….consult with the experts that specialize in what you have to sell. We are here to not only help, but to create results.

Remember the “5 Steps to Selling Your Property”
1.) Contact Me
2.) I’ll handle the rest

Welcome to this one of a kind southern plantation style farm located in Northern Coosa County just outside Sylacauga, AL. This 5,000 sqft custom built home was constructed in 2007 on a breathtaking 53 acre farm. The majority of the land is cleared pasture with a small amount of wooded acreage on the far back end of the farm. There is a 3 acre pond (8-10 foot depth) that is stocked with bass, bream, and crappie that the whole family can enjoy, while also inviting all of your friends. There is abundant wildlife including deer, turkey, ducks, and geese. This would also be a great place to host a dove hunt. The concreted shop building is plenty big to hold your tractor and all other farm implements. Upon entering home, the 4 bed/3.5 bath welcomes you the second you walk through door. Gorgeous hardwood floors and ceilings in the living room come from Avondale Mill in Alexander City. Upstairs is a large bedroom and full bathroom that could also be converted to a kids play area, or a home office space. SHOWINGS ARE STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT AND ONLY FOR QUALIFIED BUYERS.


-1 Gas Fire Place
-1 Gas or Wood Burning Fire Place
-Electric Stove
-500 Gallon Buried Propane Tank
-City Water
-Septic Tank
-Sprinkler System for the Yard (Pumped from the Pond)
-High Efficiency Heating and Cooling
-2 Car Garage

As hunters, this is the time of year we have all been waiting for.  Depending on where you are in the state, the does may have already had the estrous cycle and the rut is over, for others….it may just now be coming in to full swing.  What makes this time of year great is that there is not much of a pattern to hunt.  Well, thats my opinion at least.  You may ask, well, what do you mean John?  Since the start of bow season we strategize where we are going to hunt, hang stands, plant food plots, and drive our ATV’s based upon a pattern.  We have paid such close attention to detail by studying our game cameras.  We study what time the does are moving, what time bucks are moving, what direction they are coming from, are they still in groups, which way did he leave the field……and the list goes on. Once the does start entering their estrous cycle and begin going into heat, i have one thing on my mind……find the does, because the bucks will not be far behind. Thats literally what i do, i go hunting for does, and I wait.  This is the one time of year when big mature bucks can be flat out dumb.  They have one thing on their mind….and its not eating and sleeping.  Those big bucks that have been showing up on your trail cams between the hours of 9:00 pm – 4:00 am are just as likely to pop out on a road chasing a doe while you are back at the truck eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.  During this 1-2 week period, its important to adapt to the obvious changes.  If you’ve been hunting hardwood bottom and pinch points that forces does and buck to walk through, and all of a sudden things just come to a halt…..dont be afraid to change your setup.  One of my favorite ways to hunt the rut is to try and catch that first real frosty morning and hunt a cutover.  By this time of year, there may not be as many food sources in the woods.  When they are feeding, most of the time is going to be on the move.  They love to hit food plots in the late afternoons, and browse through cutovers.  The deer tend to still feel safe in a clear cut while providing a large field of view for the hunter.  They will eat on small plants and literally lay down in the middle of it out in the sun to try and stay warm.  Hunting a clear cut on a frosty morning during the rut has always been great, there is something special about it.  But come late afternoon, you better be sitting on a field that is flooded with does and be on standby, because the big nocturnal bucks are probably about 50 yards inside that tree line. Get out in the woods and experience what it is like to hunt the rut in the south.

I would love to see some of your deer harvest from the year.  Be sure and visit my Facebook Page,  John Morris Land Guy and post your pictures.

Now that you’ve decided to list your property, you’re more than likely facing another big decision: should you list with a land agent or a residential real estate agent?

That’s a great question, and not all that difficult to answer. Many times landowners think that a local real estate agent who lives five minutes down the road is the best option for them. In some situations, that may be true. There are plenty of real estate agents out there who have sold tracts of land. Nothing wrong with that. But what makes the team at Southeastern Land Group unique is that we specialize in selling farmland, timberland, and various other types of rural land acreage.

I often think about this analogy: You don’t go to a dentist when you break your arm. You go to an orthopedist. The two doctors are different, with different scopes of practice. Likewise, land agents specialize in selling land and have their own way of networking.

Recently, I have had two different friends ask me to list and sell their house for them. I was very humbled and honored to be asked. Even though I am perfectly capable of selling houses, I knew it would be best to refer them to a residential realtor with more experience in that area. However, if you’re looking for a house with 20+ acres, a land agent might be the better choice.

Southeastern Land Group has just the qualified land specialists you need along with a number of listed properties with expansive tracts of land and rustic residences. While we do the same things as other real estate agents, we we are more of a land-centric focused company that reaches a network of buyers and investors nobody else can.

Southeastern Land Group has agents all over the state, and we would love to help you reach your goals. Give us a call!

There is never a wrong time to list your property since every property is unique and will have different types of prospective buyers. And depending on the investor’s timeline, interest on the property will vary during different times of the year. For example, late summer and early fall are very busy times for hunting and recreational properties because people are getting ready for hunting season. Right after hunting season, the holiday rush begins. In the middle of the summer, vacation time and heat reduces the number of land visits just a bit.

Despite all these seasonal challenges, there are always people looking for that perfect piece of land when the time is right for them. I’ve had listed properties that closed in weeks while others took months to sell. That’s why I firmly believe there’s never a bad time to list. One of the main reasons we do a 12-month listing agreement is to accommodate all types of prospective buyers. This type of agreement gives us the opportunity to use all four quarters of the year to attract a qualified buyer to close the deal.

So if you are thinking of selling your property, contact John Morris, The Land Guy, so we can create a game plan that meets your needs!

There’s a common problem many of my clients wrestle with from time to time—knowing what to do with property returns. Clients will often ask whether they should put returns toward the loan, replant, or do some improvement work on the property. The good news is that with returns, there’s no wrong way to go. Take replanting as an example. After a timber harvest, replanting secures the future value and quality of the land, particularly in terms of timber and game management. Likewise, using returns for property improvements such as enhancing the internal road system, building new shooting houses or a pole barn offer excellent ways to get more out of your investment.

One of the most attractive properties with solid return potential on the market right now is a 158-acre property in Chilton County, which is just a little over a 1-hour drive from Birmingham. It’s a turnkey ready property with all the amenities.

The comfortable and spacious camp house on this particular property can sleep more than a dozen people with ease. The already surveyed land has one of the best internal road systems that I’ve ever seen. As an added benefit, the substantial established timber component promises a great opportunity for a superior return on this investment. So, if you’re looking for a turnkey hunting property with great timber elements, don’t wait any longer. Book a land visit with The Land Guy today!