“I Want To Sell My Property….Where Do I Start?”

“I want to sell my property, what do i need to do?” This is a common question this time of year. Its getting hot, summer is practically here, but i need to sell my property…

Preparation and planning is key to anything. Whether its a sporting event, going on vacation, or planning for your retirement….it is no different with selling land. In order to have a successful listing and selling experience, you have to have a plan from the start. If you fail to plan, you better plan to fail.

Any time someone calls me and says “Ive got some land I want to sell, what do i need to do?” I always respond, “well, you have already completed the first step.” First thing on the list is to call a experienced Land Agent. At Southeastern Land Group we specialize in selling farmland, timberland, recreational properties, investment property, and agricultural land. We have agents living in Alabama, Georgia and Florida that are ready to create results for you. We are licensed to sell in AL, GA, FL, MS, and TN. Every property is unique in its own way, therefore, not every property needs the same preparation before it hits the market.

Historically, late Spring and early summer can sometimes drag a little longer in the time frame it takes to sell property. Does that mean its a bad time to list during the summer? ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, its one of the best times to list your property because we have all of the Outdoor Expos, and Outdoor Shows during the summer and its a great opportunity to get you property in front of thousands of eyes that i will not get any other time of year. However, with the knowledge and expertise we bring to the table, we can help you make your property attractive year round. I actually like summer time listings because it gives me a chance to do some things that nobody else does. We can make recommendation that will take your property from being simply “another listing”, to something that is highly sought out, and stands out compared to other properties. We can help you make the right decisions as far as what improvements needs to made, what work (if any) needs to be done, and how to best market your particular property. Sometimes property is turn key and ready to hit the market and if so, thats great. Most improvements are small, low in cost, and can be done rather quickly. However, these small improvements can make a BIG DIFFERENCE when they are side by side with other like kind properties.

Some land owners may ask “How, do you know this will help. And how do you know this is going to draw more attention to my property?” We work with buyers day in, and day out. We listen to what exactly they look for in a property. With the ability to know what a buyer is looking for, and what a seller has to offer is what makes a sales traction process run smooth.

If its time to put your property up for sale, we have a proven track record to help get the job done. Don’t call just any real estate company….consult with the experts that specialize in what you have to sell. We are here to not only help, but to create results.

Remember the “5 Steps to Selling Your Property”
1.) Contact Me
2.) I’ll handle the rest