A Property With Solid Return Potential: 158-acre Hunting/Recreational Property

There’s a common problem many of my clients wrestle with from time to time—knowing what to do with property returns. Clients will often ask whether they should put returns toward the loan, replant, or do some improvement work on the property. The good news is that with returns, there’s no wrong way to go. Take replanting as an example. After a timber harvest, replanting secures the future value and quality of the land, particularly in terms of timber and game management. Likewise, using returns for property improvements such as enhancing the internal road system, building new shooting houses or a pole barn offer excellent ways to get more out of your investment.

One of the most attractive properties with solid return potential on the market right now is a 158-acre property in Chilton County, which is just a little over a 1-hour drive from Birmingham. It’s a turnkey ready property with all the amenities.

The comfortable and spacious camp house on this particular property can sleep more than a dozen people with ease. The already surveyed land has one of the best internal road systems that I’ve ever seen. As an added benefit, the substantial established timber component promises a great opportunity for a superior return on this investment. So, if you’re looking for a turnkey hunting property with great timber elements, don’t wait any longer. Book a land visit with The Land Guy today!