Seasons For Selling Property

There is never a wrong time to list your property since every property is unique and will have different types of prospective buyers. And depending on the investor’s timeline, interest on the property will vary during different times of the year. For example, late summer and early fall are very busy times for hunting and recreational properties because people are getting ready for hunting season. Right after hunting season, the holiday rush begins. In the middle of the summer, vacation time and heat reduces the number of land visits just a bit.

Despite all these seasonal challenges, there are always people looking for that perfect piece of land when the time is right for them. I’ve had listed properties that closed in weeks while others took months to sell. That’s why I firmly believe there’s never a bad time to list. One of the main reasons we do a 12-month listing agreement is to accommodate all types of prospective buyers. This type of agreement gives us the opportunity to use all four quarters of the year to attract a qualified buyer to close the deal.

So if you are thinking of selling your property, contact John Morris, The Land Guy, so we can create a game plan that meets your needs!