Timberland Investments

Timberland provides a conservative investment opportunity for small predictable returns where hunters who lease the property maintain the land.

Recreation/Hunting Properties

Recreation and hunting properties provide a solid, medium to long-term investment for the outdoor enthusiast or family. Proper logistical additions such as timber harvesting, internal roads, food plots, and barns will provide excellent opportunities for revenue and re-sale returns.

Land with Home

Land with a home properties are for the individual who wants to establish a primary residence on a given acreage amount.


A minifarm—timberland or farmland—offers one of the most profitable aggressive, short-term investments. With minifarms, the primary strategy is to invest in a larger tract of land and divide it into several smaller tracts. Even though minifarms may not be as predictable as other investment strategies, placing them in a “growing area” and making them accessible to water and power will solidify their stability as solid investments.

Conservation Easement Properties

Conservation easement provides a great investment strategy and tax minimization for higher net worth individuals who are interested in helping improve and maintain wildlife habitats and timber production. Identifying the goals of the land and the needs of the landowner with a team of appraisers, accountants and attorneys are important for this type of investment.

Farmland & Pastureland

Farmland & Pastureland properties, a conservative investment for long-term investors, are great for individuals who are interested in livestock and hay production. If leased to farmers in areas with high agricultural demands, this type of land offers immediate returns.